About me

I'm just a girl who's a dreamer and on a journey...

I believe in quiet moments, crazy dancing, reading books that inspire me and make me think, music that moves me and living each season of my life like the gift that it is.

I have two beautiful children that make me smile and teach me about the pure joy of life, and I have loved and been loved completely. ♥

Every day I'm trying to get a little closer to being the woman I want to be when I grow up. :)

I get butterflies when I read an inspiring quote.
My favorite music is 80's pop and 90's soul.
I probably don't need to keep buying those lovely long necklaces and dangly earrings but do anyway.
The everyday things in life are the most precious to me.

I support the fight against domestic violence, Autism research, instilling self-worth in children, and people that make this world a prettier place.
I believe that life is a beautiful journey. :)

I'm glad you're here. :)