Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And then she's four....

How does that happen?
How do they grow so fast? I know that's a very cliche thing to say...but wow. It really does seem like just yesterday that I was so anxiously waiting for my little princess to make her way in the world.
It seems like just yesterday that I was saying "I hope she's giggly, and sweet and bubbly...I hope she's happy". I could see her before I met her...bubbly, a little emotional ( a bit like her Mama), beautiful, special, and I knew that she was going to change my life. ♥ I could see her being a singer one day, I could imagine her making people smile just by being around her.

She is all of those things and more. :) She sings her little heart out (as long as she approves of the audience) she's so silly, she is smart and she is dramatic...very dramatic. She really cares about people, and she has more insight than a lot of adults have. This little four year old girl is way beyond her years and has a heart of gold. :) She may be too shy to talk to people sometimes, and she still knows how to throw a good temper tantrum once in awhile, but she is everything to me. :)
She loves ballerinas and princesses and dinosaurs (yes, dinosaurs) :) she is a great big sister and a special little soul.She holds my hand and squishes my fingers every time she's tired or upset (and she has from day one) and she told me today that she didn't want to grow up. :)
"you better measure again, Mama. I'm still three!!"
Love you, Katie Shae! Happy Birthday from Mama ♥

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