Saturday, January 1, 2011

twenty eleven

New Year's Resolutions in no particular order
A brand new year...kind of hard to believe, actually.
This past year has been one of the most "full" years of my life.
Full of some really painful times. Full of new friendships, full of decisions and "firsts". Full of new challenges, a new way of life, full of quiet moments with my beautiful children. Full of a lot of reflection and prayer and tears.
Full of a lot of personal growth. I'm really thankful for love and memories that I'm carrying with me in this new year. (and always will)
I have some personal goals and dreams that have been running around in my head and heart for some time now...I'm hoping that this new year will be the perfect time to live them.
Here's to a great 2011. Each day is a gift. ♥
I'd love to hear your resolutions too! Feel free to comment and share. :)


  1. Love it Charin!! So happy you are blogging!

  2. Not sure how to make my name show?

  3. Hey Candace! :) Thanks so much!
    I'm ready to see some posts from Freckles Chic :)
    If you go to your "dashboard" and then "edit profile" it will let you change your name.

  4. That is on my list for 2011. Hopefully soon! I figured out how to change my name... baby steps!!

  5. Happy new year to you Charin!
    I hope that 2011 brings you everything you wish for :)