Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's the little things...:)

*Listening to Katie laugh at Blue's Clues while I'm typing this blog :)
*Colin walking over to the bookshelf to pull down his favorite books...this is an everyday routine and it always makes me smile to put those books up before he goes to bed. He loves reading, and I love that.
*Drinking honeydew bubble $5 splurge out there.
*Music. I love to listen to Floetry, Prince, Janet Jackson, Jill of the first things I do when I wake up is turn the music on...and sing. :)
*Hugs. Oh, how I love a good hug. ♥
*Or massages. Yes, I love a good massage too. :) And I think that I am very overdue for one!
*Facebook chats with favorite people
*Good books
*Playing patty-cake with Colin..he isn't ready to do it on his own yet, but lets me clap his hands together and he smiles the whole time. Sweet boy!
*Asking Katie questions about her day and hearing all of the new things she's doing at her pre-school
*Watching American Idol :) it's the one "can't miss" show for me
*Scentsy warmers ( told you, it's the little things)
*"Want to go to lunch?" calls from my that she works in the same town as me, we are able to do that once in awhile and it's so nice :)
*Evidences of a little girl and boy all over my house...piles of forgotten books, or tutus, Katie hiding her cotton candy perfume in her nightstand drawer. :) Those two make my life sweet and I love them.

Joy really is about the little things...what are some of your favorites?


  1. This was so nice! Where do you get your bubble tea? I am dying to try one!

  2. Bubble tea is SO good. :) Honeydew and Coconut are my favorites...I get mine at a little coffee stand in town. Hope you can find one in your town and will like it as much as I do!